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A Few Interesting Facts on Blackjack

Not many gamblers who choose to play blackjack as their favorite casino game know that its first introduction in US casino houses wasn’t very welcomed at the table. In fact, they had to come up with all sorts of bonuses in order to draw the attention of gamblers. It was known initially under the name of 21 according to its French name ‘vingt et un’, but its name changed because casino owners started to offer a payout of 10 to 1 for any player holding a Jack of clubs or spade, hence the new name of Blackjack.

But let’s go back to the origins of this game. Although the real provenience of the game is unknown, we find it mentioned in a book written by Miguel de Cervantes, where a character was playing and cheating on a card game called ‘ventiuna’ – 21 in Spanish.

This happened in 17th century and from then on we find it also references about this game in France and Spain countries. As mentioned above, its introduction in US casinos was poorly received by the players, this made the owners to offer those bonuses in order to stimulate the interest of the players. This is the time when 21 changed into blackjack, although the game itself has less to do with Jack of clubs or spade cards.

How is blackjack played? With player seated at the table, they are dealt with two cards – one face up and one face down. The tricky part here is what exactly should the player do with the next move? He sees the value of a single card, and he needs to decide whether he wants to ‘hit’ and see what other card he gets or to ‘stand’ while the card is turned over. The purpose of the game is clearly to get a total card value that is closest as possible to 21. Basically the rules of the game are not complicated, the toughest part is into making a choice between ‘hitting’ and ‘standing’.

The best thing about blackjack games today is that you can find it in the online version, a possibility of playing also for free to exercise your hand and even build strategies to help you increase your chances of winning. This is definitely a new perspective of the game where gamblers can enjoy their favorite game without having to bet their real money.

While playing online you always hope to be dealt with high value cards while the most difficult hand is the one known as stiff hand – where the card values are between 12 and 16. At this point you confront with a tough decision not knowing what to do, since there is the risk of being busted, and for this reason you may choose not to hit even if you risk losing what you already have.

However, there can be some winning strategies set in place, especially if you choose to play online blackjack with a deck of cards, but inside casino houses with an automatic shuffling of 4 or more decks it is impossible to test any strategy at all.

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