The Wildest Casino Wins In History

People have won huge winnings for some of the most improbable moments in casino gambling. Let’s take a look at some of these!

In the long history of casino gambling, many lucky souls have won some of the craziest bets that have turned into millions, even for an unlikely event. Here are a few amazing stories for you to know about, and inspire you for your next big win!

The Master Winning Edge

In 2011, Don Johnson went beyond the convention of counting cards to negotiate special rules with the casino, which gained him an edge that would grab him more winnings on playing more.  A table with optimal number of decks was his choice, and he would split any favorable hand into four separate ones. He kept sticking to tables where he can double his bet on any hand, which is restricted in many casinos. Guaranteed payback was the biggest factor that gave him an edge, since he negotiated a 20% payback. In less than a year, he grabbed around $15 million from 3 casinos.

Betting On Grandson

Peter Edwards saw the future of his grandson way back when he was only 3 years old. He made a bet of £50 with the odds of 2500:1 claiming that his grandson will be playing as a part of Welsh National football team. In 2013, the 16-year old Harry Wilson played his debut match for Welsh in a World Cup qualifier against Belgium. That moment, he wasn’t only the youngest player to represent the national team, but also his granddad became one of the richest grandfathers with a whopping £125,000 in his pocket.

Thanks To The Moon

In the year 1964, William Hill, a British wagering company gave odds of 1000:1 to David Threlfall for a £10 bet, that within 7 years, a man would walk on the moon. It was like trying to hit the bull’s eye in darkness, since technology was not that advanced in those days. But as time went by, there was progression in the space race, and David had full trust in the belief that someone would walk on the Moon soon. Eventually it happened when Neil Armstrong planted his footprint on the moon, and Threlfall got credited with a £10,000 on spot.

Hitting The Hot Streak

Archie Karas turned $50 into $40 million in a quick time, hitting the biggest bonanza in the history of gambling.  Fresh off a huge loss, Karas entered Las Vegas with 50 bucks in his pocket. He got help of $10,000 from a friend to play an unusual poker variant, Razz.  For over 3 years, his winning streak continued, while beating some of the best poker players in 7-card stud. However, when things got cold, he lost some biggies, amounting to $30 million in less than a month. His hot and cold streaks continued, but he primarily became a legend due to his initial run.

Breaking The Bank At Monte Carlo

In a wonderful evening of 1891 at a game of pure luck, Charles Deville Wells broke the bank winning a million francs, which amounts to a plenty of money at today’s rate. During an 11-hour marathon, he garnered a million and became famous for his gaming exploits. Despite his incredible ability, luck didn’t favor him for long, as he lost all the money and was arrested for fraud. He eventually died as a destitute.

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